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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Waste Management

Because medical waste can pose an environmental concern if not disposed properly, many questions can arise. At BeWise Medical Waste Management, we take the concerns of our customers seriously and want to make sure that their medical waste is disposed of properly.

If you need more information about biomedical waste management, give us a call at 385-429-8661.

Do I need a monthly pick up?

According to Utah Administrative Code (UAC) R315-316

(9) If infectious waste is stored longer than seven (7) days, the infectious waste shall be stored at or below a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius)

(10) Under no conditions may infectious waste be stored for longer than 60 days.

Are you licensed/permitted in my state?

BeWise Medical Waste Management is fully licensed and permitted throughout the great state of Utah, and have expansion plans for Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada. We comply with all state and federal laws and guidelines.

For more information regarding Utah state laws/rules and guidelines related to infectious waste, visit the website for the Salt Lake County Health Department

Do you collect infectious waste in my area?

BeWise Medical Waste Management provides service throughout the state of Utah. We will come to you.

Regarding sharps disposal if the container is not full…

Infectious waste management rules require that sharps containers be snapped shut and replaced before the contents reach the full line indicated on the box. There are no time requirements for sharps containers and they can remain in place as long as it takes to fill them (without overfilling).

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes. We offer emergency service for medical waste management. Please contact us with any emergency or need you may have.

Do you provide services other than monthly pickups?

Yes. Weekly/Bi-weekly/ Monthly/Quarterly. Or on an As Needed Basis. You can also purchase sharp containers as part of your collection services. Call today to get started.

What should be disposed into my regulated waste container/box?

Regulated Waste Do's

Visibly Bloody Gloves

Bloody Plastic Tubing

Contaminated PPE

Saturated Gauze

Saturated Bandages

Blood and Body Fluids

Closed Sharps Disposal Containers

Regulated Waste Dont's


Gas Cylinders

Loose Sharps

Hazardous and Chemical Waste


Radioactive Waste

Fixatives and Preservatives

If you’re looking for Infectious waste management or have additional questions regarding services in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, or Nevada give BeWise Medical Waste Management a call at 385-429-8661

Benefits of working with BeWise

  • End the “cycle” of pricing surprises — Enjoy the predictable service you were promised, without the uncertainty of ever-changing costs.
  • Flexibility of service – You want a service that fits your business. Over time, service needs change; we understand. BeWise gives you the flexibility to make changes to your service plan.
  • Receive quick answers to your service needs.
  • Friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable support and sales team – The person who you speak to on your introductory call is the same person who addresses your questions in the future.
  • Your service and billing needs are addressed without explaining your issues to multiple representatives

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