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Medical waste, or infectious waste disposal is a highly regulated industry, and for good reason: Managing infectious waste is a public health issue, which certain specialized businesses deal with on an on-going basis. Compliance requires these businesses adhere to strict regulations as it relates to packaging and disposing of the infectious waste generated as a result of them doing business. Between the cost factors and the complexity, it’s a challenge.

At BeWise, infectious waste disposal is what we do. We customize a solution specific to your company’s unique infectious waste disposal needs. helping your business comply with federal & state regulations, while meeting the individual challenges of our clients. No two businesses are alike, so we take time to understand your specific needs and what your business requires. With this information, we provide a service which is unparalleled elsewhere.

Benefits of working with BeWise

  • End the “cycle” of pricing surprises — Enjoy the predictable service you were promised, without the uncertainty of ever-changing costs.
  • Flexibility of service – You want a service that fits your business. Over time, service needs change; we understand. BeWise gives you the flexibility to make changes to your service plan.
  • Receive quick answers to your service needs.
  • Friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable support and sales team – The person who you speak to on your introductory call is the same person who addresses your questions in the future.
  • Your service and billing needs are addressed without explaining your issues to multiple representatives

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