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Medical/Infectious Waste Disposal

Medical/Infectious Waste is defined as ...items contaminated with blood, saliva or any body substance or bodily fluid, human or an animal... Specifically, it is any solid waste that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans. This type of waste was once collected in special bags and plastic boxes in clinical settings and then disposed of like normal trash. However, this process was quickly found to spread diseases and viruses and potentially cause outbreaks.

Today, the bio-hazardous containers and bags seen throughout hospitals medical clinics, veterinarian clinics, and doctors’ offices are used to safely remove sharps, needles, other medical materials which could contain any human or animal blood or bodily fluid. Medical/infectious waste also includes paper towels, wipes, gloves, syringes without sharps, bandages and/or wound dressings with any amount of blood or bodily fluid, dry or moist, as well as any other soiled or bloody material generated through medical care.

Bio-hazardous Containers safely hold used:



IV Catheters

Paper Towels



Syringes without Needles

Syringes with Needles or Sharp Objects

Bandages or Dressings with small amounts of dry blood or fluid

Any other material from medical care

Why the Bio-hazardous Containers

Still considered bio-hazardous and dangerous for the environment and the general population, this waste cannot be disposed of with everyday trash for fear of unwitting exposure to. Licensed medical/infectious waste management companies must collect the designated waste, make it safe for transport and proper disposal.

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