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BeWise Waste provides full-service management, removal, transportation and disposal of regulated medical waste, Infectious Waste. Contact us today to learn more.

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Businesses We Serve

We service a variety of industries, including:


Hospital bio-hazard waste disposal is a large part of what medical waste disposal companies manage. Examples include, contaminated sharps, gloves, gauze and bandages. BeWise provides the standard red, close-able bio-hazard container to support infection control protocols reducing the risk of contact contamination and waste cross-contamination.

Emergency care clinics

Walk-in urgent care centers generate medical waste often contaminated with bodily fluids such blood, urine, feces, saliva, etc. all of which should be disposed of using a certified bio-hazard seal-able container. Sharps waste must be placed in marked, spill and puncture proof, seal-able container for proper disposal.

Dental Practices

Outside of Hospitals, Dental practices have some of the most comprehensive waste disposal needs and specific guidelines to follow. They generate standard medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, sharps, and amalgam waste; a form of mercury waste: The website says; “amalgam should never be disposed of in the garbage of infectious waste “red bag” and it should never be rinsed down the drain.”

Funeral homes

Funeral homes generate a considerable amount of medical waste as part of their service, to include sharps waste, gauze and gowns, and materials used in the preparation room. Additionally, funeral homes generate waste as outlined in “The National Funeral Directors Association”(NFDA). The NFDA issued a guideline list for Funeral Home Protocol for wastes not necessarily classified as medical waste, yet, which must also be disposed of using specific treatment and disposal protocol. Several wastes not classified as “medical/infectious waste” which must be disposed of by other means include, but are not limited to the following:

Pharmaceutical Waste

Chemical Waste

Radioactive Waste

Bulk Chemotherapy Waste

Long-term care facilities

The daily care of the sick and/or the elderly staying at a long term care facility generates medical waste including wound dressings, gloves, and injection needles [sharps], along with other standard classifications of medical waste. These facilities should use bio-hazard bags and sharps containers to manage their waste safely.

Physician practices

A doctor’s office handles everything from chronic diseases to major medical emergencies. In the process, they dispose of gloves, dressings, pressure bandages, sharps and other materials classified as bio-hazard waste. All of which, should be disposed of according to State and Federal protocols.

BeWise services extend beyond the traditional medical care community, as well, to include:


May produce a variety of medical/infectious waste based on the needs of the individual students attending; we take care of those needs too.

Veterinary clinics, shelters and hospitals

Varying degrees of medical/infectious materials, in addition to the standard sharps and chemical waste.

Blood banks

Gloves, gauze, dressings, masks, sharps tubing and blood waste.


Lab waste includes glass equipment, alcohol and mercury thermometers, environmentally hazardous chemicals, and bodily fluid wastes.

Jails and prisons

Most have internal facilities and medical providers which generate both varying degrees of medical/infectious waste and expired or unused pharmaceuticals.

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